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The Common Frogs spawned yesterday in Railway land Lewes and I have to say I was tempted to entitle the blog ‘Frogs Porn’ It’s a once a year, one day performance, very easy to miss and very susceptible to the weather. Last year it froze solid and no spawn from this group survived. Yesterday only about 12 frogs were present compared with roughly 50 individuals in each of the years previous to last years disaster. Fingers crossed for this year.

It wasn't easy to get the photos as they are very shy, rom just 20 feet you wouldn't see them at all but I've been looking every day for two weeks or more and the ripples in the water give them away. They always spawn in exactly the same place. I had to crawl on my belly to the water's in the soaking wet margins getting covered in mud to get close enough and for the angle to be right and they scattered as soon as I was anywhere near. I simply sat and waited, and waited some more, and their passionate enthusiasm got the better of them. Here's just a few of the dozons of photos I got.

Quite where the Toads from Pinwell road spawn, I still don't know. The Marsh frogs from Railway land water meadows are still a mystery too but the search starts today!

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