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Signed, Sealed, Delivered...The deal is done!

At last the Lewes population of Thin lipped Mullet have left the outlet of the Winterboune and dispersed into the river Ouse. This seal, that I photographed last year in the Heart of Reeds on Railway Land, was the culprit. It repeatedly attacked the mullet, as they were healing their wounds and infections the gained while at sea, during spawning over winter. The fish had to disperse many times and many were eaten but they had to keep coming back, however long it took, as the 'Spa' is vital to their survival.

‘Signed Sealed Delivered’ Finally the Lewes Mullet are healed in the Winterbourne spring water and dispersed into the Ouse. This fellow caused the delay, eating a good few and scaring the rest off for a few weeks

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