How do I get these photos?

"Morning"... A friend asked yesterday; how do I get some of my wildlife photos. Well, it's not just luck, though that is a big part of it, it's more a mind set and way of life. When I was a child my Grandfather once said to me; "I you want to understand nature, first you have to become part of it."

What he meant was, for modern humans rather than indigenous, you have to reconnect to nature to understand it, AND subsequently your self! And then you will get a chance to see and take pictures like I am sometimes lucky enough to. I do a slideshow talk called Reconnect to Nature. So do get in touch if you would like to have one at your venue or function, or even at home via laptop.

The candid photo above was a bit of a lucky photo though. I took over 1000 shots on a gopro camera set on auto to take ! shot per second from a hand held boom on the sluice gate in Railway Land nature reserve Lewes.

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