My first Blog!

5am 3rd of March 2020. It's still dark but clear sky and now wind, a song thrush is singing it's heart out at the end of the road here in Lewes and all is well.

I always get up with the birds and yesterday I got the first train the Shoreham by Sea to pick some 'Alexanders' ...Parsley of Alexandria (Smyrnium alusatrum)*

It's a delicious celery type vegetable that was brought to Britain by the Romans. The flavour is similar to celery but with a fascinating perfume taste that's impossible to describe. They grow near water and particularly near brackish tidal water such as here at Shoreham on the river Adur, Newhaven to Lewes on the River Ouse and Littlehampton to Arundel on the River Arun. They also grow on roadsides leading inland from the coast but I wouldn't pick those!

There are many recipes to be found on the internet but try experimenting. I like an early morning smoothie... half celery, half Alexeanders and half a pint of water.

There are other really good plants to forage along the riverbank ( responsibly and sustainably please) and I will be featuring them very soon so please re-visit, Steve.

*Have a look at my foraging book Homewood's Harvest on the 'BOOKS' page or go directly to to preview and/or buy a copy.

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