Updated: Jul 15, 2020

This morning I was asked by BBC West Midlands to chat live on the effect that the coronavirus lockdown is having on wildlife.

I love to do live broadcasts. Last month it was BBC Radio Birmingham and BBC Radio Sussex often as me on re' various wildlife subjects.

Several listeners had reported seeing foxes in town during daylight hours and they wanted me to say why and to tell of other examples. I was glad to be able to mention a few;

The foxes here are doing the same and although they already did to a point, threat is increasing since lockdown as the streets are so much quieter and they feel safer to do so. I love this photo I took by the way, foxes often sit watching you when spotted, with just one little leaf or a blade of grass over one eye thinking that you can't see them haha!

Rabbits too are venturing into town and just the other day I spotted 3 in a now empty tarmac carpark, laying flat on the bellies enjoying the warm surface. I dare say they are one of the reasons the foxes were nearby.

Pheasants too are coming in and you'll see on my twitter and Instagram pages a cock pheasant on the wall opposite St. Andrews Doctors surgery in Lewes, two days ago there were two parading up and down in front of the goal on the football pitch and someone saw a sheep in a paddling pool!

The radio presenter was surprized to hear a similar thing is happening alone to shore. Porpoises and Dolphins have been reported closer than ever and my wife heard from relatives in Venezuela that due to the lack of ships, speed boats etc. There are several species of Whales very close to shore. This is great news for nature and the planet but please don't think I am missing the tragedy for people of the world. I'm an NHS Volanteer Responder so I know fine well. The twist of fate is that I am out and about more that most collecting and delivering food and prescriptions for those unable to so I get to see more wildlife than most. Stay safe and look hard out of your windows at the nature in your gardens. You might get a pleasant surprize. Steve

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