'A Fox climbs down a Cliff '

As a complete contrast to the Carp running up the rapids like a Salmon last week;

Here's a fox that walked straight over the cliff edge at Newhaven fort above the west harbour car park yesterday morning.

By the time I had switched on my camera it was over the chalk face but to be honest it's not as unusual as you might imagine, mountain goats do the same abroad and it's not a completely vertical cliff.

What I was really interested in was to demonstrate a technique I teach folk on my Walks & Talks;

How to stop a Fox, if it sees me, and reassure it that I'm no threat.

Have a look at this compilation of photos/video (excuse the handshake in the video section) and pay particular attention to the last photo.

The trick is this;

Immediately the fox spots you, look partially away while yawning and slowly blinking your eyes. Then scratch an ear and/or your hair, pick a leaf and eat it, or pretend to eat it. The whole thing should take no longer than about five seconds, the fox will have been watching, usually hiding behind nothing more that a single blade of grass in front of one eye. The look on their face, if all went well, is a pure delight. Steve

PS - If you'd like to know more just contact me for a one to one or small group Walk & Talk at;

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