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A chat with a Robin

Robins really do talk to you! If you walk slowly, gently and quietly through the woodland, or in your garden, you may notice a Robin unusually close to you. Listen to them! They may just sing to tell you this is their patch but if they feel safe with you they appear to actually talk to you. Most of all they are waiting nd hoping that you will scrape a patch of leaf little open with your boot or dig out some weeds from a flower bed and thus uncover a snack for them. In a hard winter when the ground is covered in snow or frozen solid they become desperate and repeatedly flitting to and fro' in front of you to get your attention and do something that dogs often do... use sign language. They look at you then to the ground in front of you, asking you to disturb it. A dog will do similar. asking you to drop a snack in front of it. Really! "Don't just look at things, 'see' them"

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