The illusive Cetti's Warbler

Many of you will have heard the sometimes explosive call of this shy bird as you walk past one hidden in the undergrowth next to water. But few get to to see one. *Follow the link to hear it;

Yesterday I finally got a few shots in Railway Land Nature Reserve in Lewes as two males were distracted while fighting for territory. These birds are relative newcomers to Great Britain, the first was recorded in 1961 and they are said to be the only bird in the world to lay red eggs!

Three sub-species are recorded;

  • C. c. cetti (Temminck, 1820) – west Europe to Greece and the Balkans, northwest Africa

  • C. c. orientalis Tristram, 1867 – Turkey to Iran and Afghanistan

  • C. c. albiventris Severtsov, 1873 – Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, NW China and Afghanistan

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