Flight into fantasy (part 2)

Meet the pilot, read the report.

This guy is so cool, and he got the shots I asked for in minutes. He flew over the rookery at Bishopstone to get me an image that had I had last seen when I was a skinny 15yr old.

I had climbed a rookery at Falmer in 1968 and was spell bound by the sight of the nests and eggs below, a sight only God had glimpsed I thought.

So yesterday, 50 yrs later and after checking all regulations and permissions, there was Leon and his 'pet' drone. He even had a Rook coloured fleece and matching hair which added to the drama of this collage I made. His drone matched the overcast sky and he flew it quietly, respectfully and with great care not to disturb the birds. They took very little notice of it. See for yourself in the movie of part one. Thank you my friend, you are a star.

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